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Town Otrokovice A place with
a wide range of services
Town Otrokovice A place with
a wide range of services
Town Otrokovice A place with
a wide range of services
Town Otrokovice A place with
a wide range of services


Town Otrokovice

Address:nám. 3. května 1340
Phone:+420 577 680 111 (switchboard)
Fax:577 933 369
Email: radnice@muotrokovice.cz
Elevation:190 m above sea level
Area:1,961 ha
Position:GPS: 49° 12' 29''
GPS: 17° 32' 07''

The town of Otrokovice lies in the western part of the Zlin region on the border of three areas: Wallachia, Slovakia and Hana - and thus also the nature of its inhabitants reflects the respective characteristics of those three regions: hard work, deliberation and temperament. Our town was created by combining the former independent villages of Otrokovice and Kvítkovice.
Otrokovice is a modern industrial centre whose development started in the 1930 by construction of the Bata factories and was further accelerated in the 1970’s with the opening of the new tyre production plant. Currently, the town of Otrokovice with its almost 19 thousand inhabitants is the sixth largest city in the Zlín region and is the centre of a micro-region covering municipalities with a total population of nearly 35,000 residents. With its location on major road and rail routes, Otrokovice serves as a natural gateway to the Zlin region.
Citizens of the town as well as its visitors find the town a nice place to live and work along with its possibilities for recreation, sport and entertainment, and a place with a wide range of educational opportunities and services.

  • Municipal Gallery
  • Municipal Library Otrokovice - serving as a public library with universal library collections and services. It is situated in the Town Hall in Otrokovice. Disabled access library facilities are available to both registered and unregistered users. The library provides access to the Internet through a public PC and wireless Wi-Fi connection. You can also flick through the city chronicle (photocopy or CD version) there.


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Town Hall Otrokovice
náměstí 3. května 1340

Phone: 577 680 111
Fax: 577 933 369
ID DS: jfrb7zs

Geographic Information

Elevation: 190 m above sea level
Area: 1,961 ha
GPS: šířka 49°12'29''
GPS: délka 17°32'7''

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